ورزشی فوتبال کد خبر: ۶۴۷۷۱۰   ۳۰ بهمن ۱۳۹۲  |  ۱۰:۳۴

مجله تصویری لیگ قهرمانان اروپا

شب کولاک بارسا در اتحاد/تصاویر

بارسلونا همان همیشگی بود، تاکتیکی، مبتنی بر پاس، و تیمی که فقط بر اساس " تیکی تاکا" به میدان می رود.

شب کولاک بارسا در اتحاد/تصاویر

سایت جام جم ورزشی - دیشب در مرحله یک هشتم نهایی لیگ قهرمانان اروپا بارسلونا موفق شد میزبان خود یعنی منچسترسیتی را با نتیجه دو بر صفر در ورزشگاه اتحاد شکست دهد. مسی (54) و دنی آلوس (90) گل های بارسلونا را به ثمر رساندند. در این دیدار مسی همان مسی همیشگی بود و نشان داد که همچنان یکی از برترین فوتبالیست های دنیاست. تصاویری از دیدار دیشب را در ادامه می بینید:

تحرک مسی در جریان دیدار دیشب را می بینید. او بیشتر در محوطه جریمه حریف حضور داشته است:

Dangerous: Lionel Messi's heat map vs Manchester City

مسی بعد از گلزنی :

The opener: Messi wheels away in celebration of the first goal as Joe Hart vents his frustration

Fine lines: The argument as to whether the contact was inside or outside the area will run for days

مسی موفق شد برای نخستین بار در زمین یک تیم انگلیسی گلزنی کند:

One up: Messi slots the penalty down the middle of the goal in front of the travelling Barca fans

No more criticism: The goal was Messi's first goal at a Premier League ground

Not even close: Hart knows he's dived the wrong way as Messi handed Barca the lead in controversial fashion

Here you go: Hart hands Messi the ball before the penalty, but he couldn't get a hand to the spot kick

All together: Team-mates Fabregas and Iniesta rush over to Messi to celebrate the opening goal

دمیچلیس در دقیقه 53 اخراج شد:

Marching orders: Demichelis has kept mistakes to a minimum before his sending off on 53 minutes

Down and out: Demichelis, who has been City's stand-in centre half this season, trudges off the pitch

Contact: Demichelis slides in on Messi as the Argentina makes his way into the area

Tumbled: Messi goes down in the area, but it is nearly impossible to tell where the contact was made

آلوز برزیلی هم اینگونه گل دوم بارسلونا را در دقیقه نود می زند:

Disappointing: Alves slips the ball between Hart's legs for 2-0 with just a minute remaining in the first-leg

Doubled: Dani Alves celebrates after scoring Barcelona's second goal in the dying moments

این شکست ناامید کننده بازیکنان را بسیار ناراحت کرد:

Sucker punch: City look dejected as City take a 2-0 lead going into the second-leg next month

مسی و یحیی توره در آغوش هم:

And after all that: Messi embraces Toure after the final whistle at the Etihad Stadium

Midfield duel: Fabregas is brought down by Yaya Toure, with the pair battling for most of the game

Uphill task: Barcelona now take a healthy advantage going into the second-leg at the Nou Camp

Get across him: Kompany attempts to sound out Messi, which City did to some success in the first-half

Our ball! Players from both sides desperately appeal to the referee during a nervy first 45 minutes

Little openings: Lionel Messi's free-kick from 25 yards hit the side of the City wall

At the angle: Negredo went close for City in half of limited chances, with Barca seeing much more of the ball

Full-blooded: Alvaro Negredo tackles former Liverpool midfielder Javier Mascherano

Holding off: Fabregas is shepherded by City midfielder Yaya Toure, playing against his former employers

Tussle: Barcelona's Victor Valdes is tumbled over in the air by Yaya Toure in the first-half

Fouled: Valdes eventually recovered the fumbled ball and was awarded a free-kick for his troubles

Searched: Cesc Fabregas attempts to get into the the opposing penalty area but is surrounded by City men

Back up north: Former Man United defender Gerard Pique climbs above Alvaro Negredo to head away

Early challenge: Andres Iniesta slips past City defender Pablo Zabaleta early on in the first half at the Etihad

Sliding in: Barcelona's Cesc Fabregas attempts to nip the ball past Demichelis (left) and Kompany (centre)

Characters: Man City's mascots Moonchester and Moonbeam pose for photos with Barcelona fans

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